• History Trips - Operation Market Garden | Bridge nearby Nijmegen
  • History Trips - A day in the Middle Ages, Bruges | Bruges, in the background the Belfort
  • History Trips - Battlefields World War I, Ypres| Trench Ypres
  • History Trips - Industrial inheritance of the Ruhr Area |Zollverein Shaft by Thomas Robbin
  • History Trips - 4 days Berlin | Berlin reichstag by Cezary Piwowarski, Wikicommons
  • History Trips | History Trips - Amsterdam in WO II
  • History Trips - Amsterdam in The Golden Age | The Nightwatch by Rembrandt
  • History Trips | Historical presentations/ lectures

Historical Trips

History Trips is specialized in historical trips and then we mean real historical. Our historical trips are very much personalized because they are limited to 8 persons. In this way History Trips can guarantee a real personal touch in an interactive setting. Every participant has a 100% opportunity to join in the stories and discussions. No one has to wait for an answer or has difficulty in gaining the attention of the guide

As your guide is a qualified historian there is a historical surplus value: not only specific information on the spot but moreover the story will come to you with its general historical background and context.

As the number of participants is restricted, the programme can be adjusted to personal wishes when it comes to breaks and personal time. In this way there will be a nice balance between a tour with vivid and sound historical information on one hand and the important feeling of a holiday trip on the other.


Tailor-made Trips

This section is especially interesting for groups with a certain (historical) preference. History Trips can provide a programme (one or more days) according to your preference. Do you have a rough idea about a tour? We offer you the possibility to compose your own trip in cooperation with History Trips. We have our home base at Amsterdam and generally organize trips in/to Holland, Belgium, Germany and France.

Besides the historical aspect we'll pay attention to your wishes concerning comfort and budget. At your convenience it could well be a package tour but it's also possible to keep certain things in hand yourself and leave the specialist, historical contribution to History Trips.

We are at your disposal throughout the whole year. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Prices depend on the kind of trip and the number of participants.


History Trips has its home base at Amsterdam and generally organizes trips in/to Holland, Belgium, Germany and France.


More info, contact and reservation: info@historytrips.eu